Film Score Composer
An original score for a full length movie or short film.
- Providing atmosphere and emotion to the picture, tying up themes for the characters and helping to tell the story. The ability to composer very melodic and memorable themes, which will remain in the viewers mind once the film has finished.

Song Writer
Original songs from a wide range of genres, written for a solo artist, band, or theatrical company. 
- Lyrics can also be written if required. For examples, listen to Unfolding Tales in the music page.

Original orchestrations or arrangements for those who write music but need a more professional sound to complete their piece.
- Sheet music can be provided if necessary.

Examples of previous commissions

- Music for Baby Sensory

- Music for Award winning short film "Paper Journey"

- Music for National Dog Day

If you are interested in any of the above you, can make initial contact by emailing or use the form below.